Thank you for registering for BABE’s Childbirth Class!


We strongly recommended that you read all of the following!


Casual layered clothing
At least 2 pillows to cushion your chairs
Snacks/ready-to-eat lunch
Travel mug with lid
Hand-held fan for those who “run hot”

Prepare as you would for birth! The night before, rest and relax so that you are able to come to the class refreshed and ready. A tremendous amount material will be presented. Please bring a pen and paper. This is a full, fun, interactive day. Bring your good attitude and a willingness to participate in the MANY activities and interactive learning modules. Because you will be sitting for some of the time, you will need to bring at least 2 pillows to cushion your chair. Light snacks will be provided, but you should bring additional snacks as well as a full lunch. There will not be time to leave to purchase or prepare a lunch.

We want you to be comfortable while you learn, so please wear loose, layered clothing. You never know how temperatures go in a classroom filled with pregnant women!


Congregation Sherith Israel Temple House (directly to the right of the Temple)
2266 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(the class is non-denominational)


There is a CPMC Hospital parking lot located at Clay and Webster 2340 Clay St. (just a few blocks from the venue). It is a CPMC parking lot with lots of parking spaces on the weekend. There is limited and unlikely street parking – allow extra time for parking.


Classroom doors open at 8:30.


The glass-doored entrance for the Temple House at 2266 California Street is just right of the main doors to the Temple. In the unlikely event that the glass doors are locked, there is a doorbell to the right of the glass doors. To enter the classroom of Newman Hall, cross through the common area and go directly to the Registration Desk.


Opens at 8:30. Go to the Registration Desk in Newman Hall to receive your nametag. An attendant will bring you to your seat and collect your lunch.


Your teachers will begin promptly at 9am sharp. Plan to be in your seat no later than 8:59. All start times are exact. (Morning start and post-lunch start). Please be in your seat at one minute to start time.


Please bring a ready-to-eat lunch with your name on it with you. There will not be time for you to leave to pick up lunch.* At check-in you can leave your labeled lunch with our assistants who will bring it to the kitchen to be stored. Lunch will be enjoyed at tables in the common area. A travel mug with a lid is recommended. This can be kept with you in the classroom.

* The class is held in a JCC (Jewish Community Center) and we would ask out of respect for religious observations that you please avoid bringing pork or shellfish into the building/with your lunch.


Loose, casual layered clothing that will allow you to regulate how warm or cold you are. Pants and leggings recommended. Skirts must have leggings underneath. If you “run hot”, bring a hand-held fan with you.


Women’s rooms are on the same floor as the classroom. The Men’s rooms are up the stairs.


Please limit texting to break and lunch times. All electronics should be on silent. Many people have felt that texting and vibrations were distracting.