We are very excited to now offer an online version of our premiere childbirth class!

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❝ We were so sad that we’d be missing Felica’s birth class in person this spring but little did we know what she had in store for us! The online BABE class is truly a treat: it’s beautifully produced, has a ton of engaging content (both videos and within the handout which is a birth knowledge treasure!), and on top of that you get all of Felicia’s incredible resources in one place. We felt cared for both by Felicia and by the effort she put into this course and would recommend it to any parents‑to‑be who want to be empowered by knowledge and finish the course with a sense of excitement and the ability to make their birth story their own. This course is for every parent who wants to feel well equipped and prepared for their birth journey.❞

– Cameron and Bing, May 2020

Birth is not just another day and
this is not just ‘another’ Childbirth Class!

A FULL day of birth class?? Shock

This is a fun, informative and activity-filled day! Relief

Taught in our spacious, beautiful classroom near Fillmore and California Streets in the Fillmore district of San Francisco.

Your level of participation in class is entirely up to you.
You will only be called upon if you want to volunteer.
There is time for connecting with your partner and occasionally with other couples.
The day flows with ease.

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